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[nc-transfer] The role of the Registry

The Registry-Registrar Agreement section 2.11 states: 

Compliance with Terms and Conditions. Registrar agrees to comply with all 
other reasonable terms or conditions established from time to time, to assure 
sound operation of the System, by VGRS in a non-arbitrary manner and 
applicable to all registrars, including affiliates of VGRS, and consistent 
with VGRS's Cooperative Agreement with the United States Government or VGRS's 
Registry Agreement with ICANN, as applicable, upon VGRS's notification to 
Registrar of the establishment of those terms and conditions.

One of the first questions to ask therefore would seem to be, "What new 
reasonable terms or conditions is the Registry prepared to establish (in a 
non-arbitrary manner and applicable to all registrars) to better resolve 
outstanding registrar transfer issues?"  

Perhaps a Registry representative could address this question...

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