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[nc-str] Summary of call (4 March) and action

Summary of actions agreed on the Structure task force telephone conference 4 March 2002
Chair Philip Sheppard,
IP Mark Bohannon,
BC Marilyn Cade,
gTLDs Rita Rodin,
ccTLDs Peter Dengate-Thrush,
Registrars Ken Stubbs,
Non-Commercials Raul Echeberria,
ISP Tony Holmes,
GA Dave Farrar
Lynn proposals
- The TF agreed that the Lynn proposals were relevant to the existing terms of reference of the TF and therefore the TF should work on a response.
- The TF acknowledged that it may not be the only group to work on the Lynn proposals.
- Marilyn Cade said she had found benefit from expanding the membership of other task forces, and suggested Structure could consider adding one additional member per constituency. After discussion, the majority opinion was that the Lynn proposals demanded a response in a short timeframe and that expansion of the group may slow down our response rate.
- It was agreed that the next step would be to draft a short resolution suitable for Names Council adoption, outlining NC acknowledgement of the Lynn proposals, and that a response was planned. ACTION Marilyn Cade will write a first draft, post it to the TF for immediate comment, and then it will be finalised at a meeting in Accra (4.30 - 6pm Sunday 10 March). 
Draft interim report on at-large proposals
After discussion the TF agreed to a proposal from Peter Dengate-Thrush that it was necessary to complete the draft interim report, but that that work must now take into account the Lynn proposals. It was proposed to delay the original completion date (submission to the NC in Ghana) until after discussions in Ghana if possible. However, the chair was asked to check with the ICANN Board that this delay would not cause any problem.
The Chair has now received a reply from board member Alejandro Pisanty (chair board at-large committee) which in summary says:
- I can't predict right now whether the Board will make a decision in Ghana on At Large or not.
- It would be a misfit of schedules for the TF to stay silent on the subject at this time. The Board is in "listening mode" and requiring input from the community. Much has come in, of variegated colours, but more is needed. Withholding it helps no-one.
- The DNSO should be seen to be taking a leadership role and commenting now.
- Even an interim report, without consensus, reporting the positions presented and the reasoning behind them, would do a lot of good.
End of summary
Next steps
As chair I recommend we follow the advice of Alejandro Pisanty and submit an interim report  with a proviso that a final report is being worked on and that the interim report was authored before the Lynn proposals. 
ACTION TF 1. Please let the TF list know if you agree to the above. (Copy and paste and then vote please).
....... I agree to follow the advice of Alejandro Pisanty and submit an interim report.
....... I prefer not to submit an interim report to the Board for the following reasons ..............
In order to have something ready should there be a positive TF response I have re-written version 7 to add in the above proviso. I have also added in the comments that Raul Echeberria submitted to the list recently which challenge the assumption that an at-large membership should be an SO, and should have a role in policy. I propose making our recommendation subject to the Board voting for an at-large with a policy role. This is different to the TF recommending such a role at this time. I will circulate this as version 8 (attached). Key changes are in 5.1, 5.4 and the executive summary.
ACTION TF 2 Please let me know:
- any additional specific positions or changes that you would like in the report,
- your constituencies position on the main recommendation as amended and (subject to the Board view on policy) to have 3 at-large representatives on the NC, 
- your agreement to version 8.
latest 12.00 Brussels time Thursday 7 March.  
Philip Sheppard
Structure TF chair

DNSO NC TF on Structurev8.doc

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