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[nc-str] Draft report on ALSC V 5

Mark and Raul, thank you for your comments.
(Mark I have now corrected the report to reflect IPC input).
There were useful comments from Mark and Raul and I have added these in the appropriate sections. I have also clarified language following the points that Raul made. Key changes are:
- new points re threshold criteria
- reference to DNSO constituency criteria
- new points re knock-on effect of new ALSO on board and complexity
- change of High to uncertain of rating under "valid consensus based policy"
- comment re disenfranchisement on members in less developed countries
- clarification of status quo re board seats
- first principles for ALSC character
- clarification of policy consensus section.
Further comments please on version 5 attached.

DNSO NC TF on Structurev5.doc

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