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[nc-str] GA Resolution on Structural/DNSO issues

The GA has not taken a formal position yet on the final
recommendations of the ALSC.  I imagine the new GA Chair will seek to
guide the GA to a position on these and also I will regularly liaise
with the GA on issues before this Taskforce.

My initial impression is that many GA members are concerned over the
reduction in at large seats and the restriction in eligibility from
internet users to admin contacts for domain names.   There has also
been concern about whether the Board could play off an ALSO against
the DNSO to allow it to pick and choose.

The GA has however passed a resolution recently by 90 votes to 24 on
various issues, some of which are relevant to this TF.  The resolution

RESOLVED that the ICANN Board be advised that:

1. Members of the General Assembly believe that the DNSO
dysfunctionality requires direct ICANN Board intervention.

2. The General Assembly seeks to establish a representative balance by
being placed on equal footing with the current DNSO Names Council and
creating a bicameral DNSO.

3. The General Assembly seeks initial budgetary/Secretariat support
for the DNSO/GA to perform its functions.

4. The General Assembly will work with ICANN to develop an appropiate
funding model to support its activities.

5. The General Assembly seeks representation on the ICANN Board (to be
filled by a representative voting the recorded consensus of the

6. The General Assembly seeks to have both an Advocate and a Consensus
Leader, both elected positions of the DNSO/GA with budgetary control
and responsibility for all DNSO/GA staff.

7. The General Assembly re-affirms the GA's commitment to the DNSO as
originally envisaged as a place for cross-constituency dialogue and
consensus building, and requests the Board to fulfil its obligation to
facilitate the entry of thus far unrepresentated constituencies. 

ICQ 29964527

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