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[nc-org] Re: [ncdnhc-discuss] Board conflict of interest on .org

I don't know what you are talking about. No facts have been 
"corrected" - indeed, as more facts come out they look worse
and worse in terms of the conflict of interest charges. (I am 
here referring to Byfield's perfectly valid point (a fact, by
the way) that Lynn Hardy's background wa in bookselling
prior to being hired by Neulevel, which makes her recruitment
by them look even more suspicious.

There is a prima facie case of conflict of interest here, and
you would do well to think harder and try to rise above the
normal ICANN response of circling the wagons and accusing
every critic of being evil. It won't work in the Auerbach lawsuit
and in this case, you just look ridiculous.

No one is "hiding" any "hand" that throws a stone. Our names, facts,
and concerns are all publicly expressed. I think you owe me
an apology, and Byfield as well.

>>> "Alejandro Pisanty - DGSCA y FQ, UNAM" <apisan@servidor.unam.mx> 05/16/02 02:22AM >>>

this discussion is increasingly off-base.

Milton has had his facts corrected and has not come out to acknowledge so.
Funny that this should happen exactly when this constituency was making an
attempt to form its own policy on conflicts of interest. Spanish speakers
have a very low regard for the attitude of "lanza la piedra y esconde la
mano", "throw the stone and hide the hand".

The rest is vicious picking on people who are not even being addressed
directly. Now that Dave has gotten you to your dictionary please look up
"gavel", Spanish "picota" or "picota publica".

Of all members of this list I am particularly apalled that you would
lend yourself to this revolting maneuver. Ted Byfield has made a posting
that is beyond contempt and should have been your amber light to lift off
the quagmire. I trust you will.

Alejandro Pisanty

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