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Re: [nc-org] Board conflict of interest on .org

I support this suggestion/request/demand.

Marc Schneiders

On Mon, 13 May 2002, at 16:10 [=GMT-0400], Milton Mueller wrote:

> Those of us who were not in Accra had trouble understanding
> what happened to the DNSO policy statement on .org. We were
> particularly amazed by how the Board, without any warning
> or any supporting public record, reversed position on 
> giving .org to a non-profit organization, proposing to allow 
> major commercial registries to bid for it.
> Now it is possible to understand better what happened.
> One of the companies that has been making it clear that
> they want to be involved with .org is Neulevel. Before Accra, 
> they were making it known that four people were assigned to 
> the .org bid full time.
> According to the transcript, the Board member who pushed the
> Board away from non-profit was Robt. Blokzijl. See the transcript at
> http://www.icann.org/accra/captioning-afternoon-14mar02.htm 
> And guess what? Mr. Blokzijl has a special relationship to
> Neulevel. His wife was hired by Neulevel a few months after 
> they were married. Lynn Blokzijl is the Neulevel representative 
> in the Netherlands. 
> Maybe this is just a coincidence. Maybe Mr. Blokzijl's insistence
> that .org be given to a company with "demonstrated experience"
> and the Board's subsequent vote to permit commercial applicants
> was unrelated to Neulevel's lobbying campaign. Maybe Neulevel's 
> hiring of Mrs. Blokzijl had absolutely nothing to do
> with the fact that she was married to a Board member. 
> Even if this is all "coincidence," it doesn't make ICANN look
> very good. Mr Blokzijl had better recuse himself from the .org
> redelegation discussion, decision and all other aspects of the 
> process.
> --MM

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