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Re: [nc-org] Revised draft - reflecting teleconference

fellow TF members...

the current draft reads:

" Any entity chosen by the TLD delegee to operate the .org registry must
function efficiently and reliably and show its commitment to a high quality
of service for all .org users worldwide, including a commitment to making
registration, assistance and other services available in different time
zones and different languages. The price of registration proposed by the new
entity should be as low as feasible consistent with the maintenance of good
quality service. Protocols used by the new registry should minimize
transitional expenses for registrars."

the original draft stated that :
Applicants should meet the current performance specifications from the
Verisign .org agreement. The new .org registry should either use the
existing .org registry/registrar protocol (RRP), or be compliant with the
EPP protocol of the IETF "provreg" working group.

why was it subsequently revised ?

we have had specific concerns express by registrars that these specific
protocols be specified as they are consistant with current ICANN - registrar
protocols in use or proposed to be used in the near future.

can we please take the wording back to where it was before ?

ken stubbs

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