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Re: RE: [nc-org] Revised draft - reflecting teleconference

Thanks Grant for clarifying the agreement. My 
recollection is in line with yours.

However, the change that you suggest here:

>>> Grant Forsyth <grant.forsyth@clear.co.nz> 01/03/02 21:10 PM >>>
> Suggestion: So as to not introduce confusion and 
> tension regarding existing .org registrants, lets 
> just specify that the applicant need be a
> noncommercial/not for profit. => Strike 
> out "....that is controlled by
> noncommercial .org registrants".

...is probably not acceptable to us. The reason is 
that it is very easy for any commercial interest to 
form "a" nonprofit organization and call it 

We are deeply concerned, as I think B&C and IPCC are, 
that the new delegee of .org be truly representative of
the broader noncommercial community and not just
"a" nonprofit. That distinction is not something to be 
tossed aside lightly, as it affects the incentives of 
the management and the acceptability of the deal.

More fundamentally, I don't think that we should 
rush to make changes of this magnitude 
simply because one member of the TF who didn't
quite understand the agreement correctly objects to 
it. Let's find out more about WHY Ken wants this
change and how many other constituencies support it.
Then we can talk about making major changes like

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