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Re: [nc-org] Precis of changes in the new draft

the initial delegation clarification is not consistant with what was
discussed while i was on the call.. it was agreed that the term descriptors
were to be changed.

that was my CLEAR understanding prior to leaving the call..
was something changed afterward ?

ken stubbs

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From: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@syr.edu>
To: <nc-org@dnso.org>
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2002 5:59 PM
Subject: [nc-org] Precis of changes in the new draft

> Brief synopsis of what has changed:
> Intro: no change.
> Section 1:
> Clarifies that while INITIAL DELEGATION is made to an organization
> "controlled by noncommercial .org registrants," ongoing governance
> is open to ALL org registrants.
> Deleted statement about "articles of incorporation and bylaws restricting
> activities of the corp. to management and operation of the .org domain."
> Paragraph about required financial resources, formerly 3a, moved here
> where it belongs.
> Section 2:
> 2a: no change
> 2b: Bullet points 2 and 3 collapsed, to say now:
> "Must not attempt to impose any new prior restrictions on people or
organizations attempting to register names, or propose any new dispute
initiation procedures that could result in the cancellation of domain
delegations. The UDRP would apply as per section 5 below, however."
> 2c: heading changed to "Surplus funds."
> Language added regarding how applicants must describe how
> they plan to use surplus funds.  Some attempt to bound acceptable
> and unacceptable uses of surplus funds.
> 2d: no change
> 2e: new sentence added to strengthen importance of
> differentiation: "Differentiation of the domain is a key policy objective
in the transition, and new marketing practices are the primary tool for
achieving that objective."
> Section 3
> Former 3a moved to Section 1
> All of the other words replaced with this:
> "Applicants should meet all requirements needed to qualify for the $5
million endowment from Verisign. Applications should describe how they
propose to utilize the endowment and the timing of its use."
> Section 4
> Deleted mention of specific protocols and replaced with the general
> statement, "Protocols used by the new registry should minimize
transitional expenses for registrars."
> Section 5
> No change
> Section 6
> Delete "one cycle" statement as per Touton's request as
> too detailed.

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