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Re: [nc-org] Re: Version 3.0 of policy statement

no milton...

i do not feel org is captured now.. but it could be easily captured by
organizations who could obtain "power of attorneys" from registrants very
similiar to the power of attorneys granted to "incumbent mgt"  by those who
have accounts in mutual savings banks, or mutual credit unions, or mutual
insurance companies.

how many of you have ever closely looked at the "signature cards" you sign
when you open accounts or obtain insurance from mutual companies

just thinking "out-loud" here


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Can you define what you mean by "capture"?
Is ORG "captured" now?

>>> "Ken Stubbs" <kstubbs@digitel.net> 09/23/01 09:17PM >>>
potential capture is a high probability in the scenario's as presented here

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