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Re: [nc-org] Elections

Marc Schneiders <marc@schneiders.org> wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, at 20:05 [=GMT+0200], Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:
> > I am for diversity.
> > 
> > We have as Chairs or co-Chairs:
> >    NC-BUDGET: Roger Cochetti
> >    NC-REVIEW: Philip Sheppard
> >    NC-UDRP: Milton Mueller and Caroline Chicoine
> >    NC-ORG: to be determined
> >    NC-WHOIS: Paul Kane
> >    NC-INTAKE: Paul Kane
> >    NC-IDN: to be determined (I am volunteer to that one)
> > 
> > To be equal for all those TF, we shall call for volunteers 
> > to chair or co-chair the NC-ORG and NC-INTAKE.
> > 
> > Therefore I call for volunteer to chair the NC-ORG.
> > I would be happy to support Cary or Ken or Guillermo
> > if any ofd them wishes to do the job.
> If I understand matters, Milton Mueller volunteered already. Given the
> nature of the topic, I think the rep from the NCDNHC is the most
> obvious candidate for chair. So I support Milton.
> Also I would like to mention that Milton has done a lot already for
> the TF. Changing chair will only cause delay, which we cannot have.

==> We are on time. You are the last one added to the TF, on 2nd Sep
    juste before the Montevideo - and we are just after Montevideo.

    I am for volunteers, but for equilibrum as well. I do not want
    any more the NC-UDRP story.
    The gentelmen in charge of .museum (or .coop, or .aero, or 
    any other chartered TLD including ccTLD, such as .fr) seems 
    to me extremely well qualified, I do not see why the NCDNH 
    would be obvious, rather contrary. The NCDNH might have too 
    much emotional involvement, whereas all chartered Registries, 
    and especially ccTLD, have been dealing with that complicated 
    issue for years, evolving, listening Local Internet Communities, 
    and making compromises.

    Cary, Grant, Guillermo, Milton and many others has been
    considering the dot org issue, and are all valid candidates.

    As I said, I am for diversity. I will not support any candidate
    being already Chair or co-Chair of other NC TF. Milton has been
    doing a lot of work, I am not aimed at him, I am for diversity.
    Milton will be able to provide input to the TF as any other of us,
    and certainly listen as any other of us.

    Coming back to the subject, we have the TF complete since 2nd of Sep,
    which practicaly means since now, after Montevideo.
    I call for candidates, and we have to vote on the Chair as stated
    by Philip note below.

    Elisabeth Porteneuve

> > Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:15:33 +0200
> > From: Philip Sheppard <philip.sheppard@aim.be>
> > To: Cary Karp <ck@nrm.se>
> > Subject: Re: NC Task Forces
> >
> > ...
> >
> > Milton is the provisional chair for the dot org TF. Once the TF
> > is established with all its members there will be a vote. Milton
> > has recognised the need for this. The TF is now complete with 6
> > members - the ccTLDs chose to not participate. So please vote.
> >
> > The TF was set up by the NC meeting 29 June - item 7. See NC
> > archives for full text but the key part is below: "Ph. Sheppard
> > proposed forming a task force to lead further work on this
> > subject. M. Mueller volunteered to represent the NCDNH. Other
> > Constituencies will be given 7 days to nominate their own
> > representatives. Once complete the TF will elect a Chair."
> >
> > Philip

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