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RE: [nc-org] Policy statement draft 1

I don't understand what to "have a real say in the administration of it"
A registry services is a pretty commodity service and for most registrants
is irrelevant if it operates smoothly in the background.  Is not the trick
to work towards defining and establishing world class registry/registrar
services - regardless of the domain - and then "encouraging"/requiring all
registries/registrars to deliver to such a standard?

If you think that there are ORG registry services that should be different
from other "open" registries, I would be interested to know of them. If
there is a thought that the cost of registration for "non-commercial
organisation" might be different to other registrants, I would suggest that
the cost of registration is minimal (compared to the other costs of
establishing an Internet presence) and unlikely to be a barrier to
registration. Additionally, there is a really problem (particularly across
different jurisdictions) of defining what is and is not a "non-commercial

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From: Marc Schneiders [mailto:marc@schneiders.org]
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Subject: [nc-org] Policy statement draft 1

"1. Administration of ORG should be delegated to a new, 
non-profit entity with international support 
and participation from non-commercial organizations
inside and outside of the ICANN process. The new 
registry should develop policies and practices 
supportive of noncommercial constituencies and
registrants. It should be authorized to contract with 
commercial service providers to perform technical and 
service functions."

The new ORG is an accident. We can take this up and try to avoid too
much damage only. We can also grab the chance born out of this strange
deal, to initiate something new. 

I have mentioned this before (on the ga org list as well as the ncdnhc
list), perhaps not in appropriate legal terms, using the word "coop",
which may mean different things in different countries or legal
systems. What I would like to explore, or have (also legally)
explored, is to structure the new ORG in a way that registrants of ORG
names have a real say in the administration of it. Preferably through

Though I am not sure that I am in favour of the ALSC proposal to
redefine At Large as domain name holders (in fact so far I am not
convinced by the prelim report), an ORG with real registrant input
might serve also a testbed towards such 'democracy' as Bildt
c.s. propose. 

-- Marc@Schneiders.ORG

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