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Re: [nc-org] Re: Revised Statement of Policy

i too would have to agree with Cary's comments here ...

ken stubbs

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From: "Cary Karp" <ck@nrm.se>
To: <nc-org@dnso.org>
Cc: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@syr.edu>
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:30 PM
Subject: [nc-org] Re: Revised Statement of Policy

> Quoting Milton:
> > Cary:
> > The immediate issue before us is sending this out
> > for public comment. Yes, or no?
> Is this a direct question to me?  If so, it's hardly my call.
> I have no gripe with the substance of the proposal but do think that
> the likeliood of its attaining the desired effect would be enhanced
> by wording it in a manner more compliant with the way the TLD
> process is otherwise being described and conducted. My remarks
> toward that end don't seen to have done much other than cause
> irritation and I see little purpose in arguing any further.
> I am not sure, though, on what credible basis our proposal can be
> put forth as a statement of TF consensus. The initial formalities of
> our organization have yet to be dispatched and, unless I've missed
> some communications, we don't appear yet to have settled down to
> much in-depth discussion.
> /Cary

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