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[nc-org] Re: ORG and COM

Quoting Milton:

> It shows that end-user self-selection does provide a firm basis
> for differentiating TLDs.  You say "an unrestricted TLD is an
> unrestricted TLD." That is not correct, I think - indeed, I
> think everything we know about the demand for domain names tells
> us otherwise. Most end users select registration in TLDs based
> on the semantics of the TLD. Not all, but the vast majority.

I claim no insight into what motivates the vast majority of people
when selecting domain names. I do feel somewhat better able to
assert that describing the semantic intent of a TLD name is not the
same thing as establishing an operational policy for that domain.
(This discussion is probably approaching the limits of its utility.
We don't seem to ascribe the same meaning to the notion of policy.)

> I rebel against the whole notion that we need to "control the
> attributes of the TLD registrant base." ...  What we need to do
> is project an identity and let users decide whether they want to
> be associated with it.

That, to me, sounds very much like a control stratagem.

Before this goes any further, I will gladly sign a statement to the
effect that newORG be described in a manner that maximizes its
appeal to non-commercial registrants, and feel no need for any
formal supporting policy constraints. I do not see how it follows
from this that the newORG registry should therefore, itself, be
non-commercial. However, I would very much like to see a
non-commercial registry in operation and, if newORG can be
presentated in a manner that has that effect, I will also gladly
support that effort.


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