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Re: [nc-org] Participation

Thanks, Philip.
Just for clarification, I am waiting for the TF to be fully constituted
before calling for an election or other volunteers for chair.
We are still waiting for the registrars and GA to confirm a participant.

In a few days I will also float a proposed schedule. I hope we can
continue to discuss principles if doing so will move us closer to

>>> "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@aim.be> 08/17/01 03:26AM >>>
Cary, Milton et al,
I agree with Milton's interpretation of his role here.
1. The basic principle is fairness and equal participation.
2. Any chair of a TF should be free to bring in experts from time to time
for certain specifics - what I suggested for Roger in this case
3. Milton is interim chair and is expected to act as a chair until an
election is held to confirm him or give some other p....b..... the job.


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