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[nc-imptransfer] Proposed Criteria


The charter proposals makes the implication that those preparing an
analysis as contemplated under the "Call for Analysis" will have to
apply a set of feasibility criteria to the recommendations as part of
the process. This in turn implies that the committee should probably
provide the analysts with some criteria by which they can conduct their
review. I have taken the liberty of preparing the following criteria in
anticipation of this requirement. Hopefully this will save us some
working time this afternoon. As with the earlier proposals, these
probably could use some review and refinement by the group. I hope that
you all find this a useful way to get a head start on our work-load.


Proposed Review Criteria

Each party conducting an analysis of the Transfer TF recommendations
should apply these criteria to each recommendation based on the results
gathered from their own organization.

1. Can the recommendation be proceduralized within your organization?
	1a. If yes, what system would you use to implement and
administer the procedure?
	1b. If no, what are the obstacles preventing the
proceduralization of the recommendation within your organization?
	1c. If the recommendation can be proceduralized, what level of
conformance/deviance does your current system have to the procedure you
envision supporting the recommendation?

2. If the recommendation can be proceduralized, what resources would be
required to implement and administer the procedure and system in your
organization? (examples of typical resource requirements include the
human, technical, experiental, etc. resources necessary to implement a
	2a. What costs are associated with these resources? (This should
be specifically quantified, however terms such as "Significant, based on
the size of our organization and our current cash flow" or "Minimal
based on past experience" would also be acceptable. The more specific,
the more useful the answers will be to the implementation committee)



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