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RE: [nc-imptransfer] Proposed Charter Documents

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Thanks for the input.
> a) the 1/15 date should slide to allow for more time for analysis.  This is the key task for us and should not be rushed.  I'd rather see us compress the final review.
To be clear - are you proposing that the time period for submissions should be longer (the "call for analysis" period that ends on the 15th) or that the 1/15 milestone should be fluid/sliding - implying that it could be moved up or back based on external factors <volume of submissions?>
If it is the former, how much additional time would be useful? I agree that the call for submissions and the analysis of those submissions are essentially the sum total work of the group - we should try to devote as much actual time to the tactical aspects of this work as possible. Let me know what sounds more reasonable timewise and I'd be happy to put together a revised schedule for us to discuss tomorrow...


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