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Re: [nc-deletes] Hopefully the last vote


Is it really necessary to send me 800 KB for a document of 42KB?

As it happens, I abstained from the vote on our original document and
see no reason to change that just because ICANN staffers don't want to
adhere to their own policy, so I vote AGAINST this. 

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In message <30855B1D-A027-11D7-8676-000393D1327C@registrypro.com>, "Jordyn A. Buchanan" writes:

> As we discussed on our last call, the changes proposed by the 
> implementation committee have been largely incorporated into a final 
> final version of the report, which I post here for your review and a 
> vote.  Hopefully, we can have a final vote by tomorrow, as that will 
> allow the Council to vote on the report and forward it to the board in 
> Montreal. 
> I've included both DOC and PDF forms of the report for your review.

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