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RE: [nc-deletes] Hopefully the last vote

Title: RE: [nc-deletes] Hopefully the last vote

I vote in favour of the report.

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Subject: RE: [nc-deletes] Hopefully the last vote

Good point.  We'll take that as a friendly amendment and if people vote to approve the last two words of 3.1.1 should be "accreditation agreement".

Please vote, everyone.

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One minor correction: At the very end of 3.1.1 the sentence is a bit cut


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As we discussed on our last call, the changes proposed by the
implementation committee have been largely incorporated into a final
final version of the report, which I post here for your review and a
vote.  Hopefully, we can have a final vote by tomorrow, as that will
allow the Council to vote on the report and forward it to the board in

I've included both DOC and PDF forms of the report for your review.


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