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Re: [nc-deletes] Statement to the GNSO Council

Looks good to me. Thanks, Jordyn.

    -- Bret

Jordyn Buchanan wrote:

> Wow, just got back to my desk and realized that for whatever reason my
> previous e-mail hasn't gone out to the list.  I'm trying again...
>> From: Jordyn A. Buchanan <jbuchanan@registrypro.com>
>> Date: Wed Apr 16, 2003  10:52:28 AM America/New_York
>> To: nc-deletes@dnso.org
>> Subject: Draft statement
>> Here's a draft statement for us to make to the Council in response to
>> the General Counsel's letter.  I'm keeping it short:
>> ----
>> The Deletes Task Force has reviewed the General Counsel's statement,
>> "Concerns Regarding Report of Deletes Task Force", dated April 11,
>> 2003.  The Task Force believes that the many of the concerns raised by
>> the General Counsel have largely been taken into consideration in its
>> work, but some questions of clarity have been raised that may deserve
>> further attention.
>> In order to more fully address the General Counsel's statement, the
>> Deletes Task Force requests an additional period of two weeks in order
>> to:
>> 1) Make modifications to its report in response to the General
>> Counsel's concerns; and
>> 2) In those circumstances in which the General Counsel's concerns have
>> already been taken into consideration and no change to the Report is
>> required, to advise the Council as to the Task Force's rationale.
>> We hope that these activities will allow the Council to act upon our
>> Report with confidence.
>> [Result of voting on this statement to be inserted here.]
>> ---
>> If anyone has suggested revisions, let me know.  Otherwise, let's just
>> see if we can't vote to support this statement and I'll present it to
>> the Council tomorrow.
>> Jordyn

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