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Re: Re: [ga] Re: [centr-ga] Re: [nc-deletes] FW: [council] Concerns Regarding Report of DeletesTask Force

I am only a simple Obstetrician and Gyaecologist, but it appears to me
that we actually don't know what a domain name is (legally).


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In message <1141.>, Eric Dierker
> What you have written here suggests that the registrar owns a domain name as 
> something seperate from an IP address.  I find this illusive if not down 
> right wrong.
> However in the current state of rules, I cannot show otherwise.
> As a consultant advisor to a contractor registrar I still cannot tell with 
> certainty what property rights are owned in a domain name regitration.
> Litigation is like art, it reflects life it does not control it.
> Even outstanding precedence can be altered by developments and new customs 
> and dealings in trade and practices.  Pondits and talking heads should be 
> wise to not set rules in their writings but only reflect rules of order.
> e
> > <John Berryhill wrote>
> > The comments are worth considering for a few days, but certainly would
> > have been more helpful if they were submitted during the comment
> > period.
> > 
> > There is one error where the comments are seriously misguided, however,
> > and that relates to expiration of a domain name during litigation.
> > 
> > To understand this central flaw in much of the comments, one must
> > remember what a domain name is.
> > 
> > A domain name is the incident of a contract between the registrar and
> > the registrant.  

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