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Re: [nc-deletes] FW: [council] Concerns Regarding Report of DeletesTask Force

I can not really make either, I am extremely busy at the hospital at
the moment, Malaria season and all.

In any case, it doesn't matter, since I am totally against this
(Trouton) procedure.

We were to deliver a report, which we have done. It is now for Council
to consider it, amend it, clarifiy it where needed, reject it or send
it to the Board. The Board then can do whatever they want with it, as
they usually do, anyway.

This is growing into a real farce, actually.

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In message <004a01c30299$81b37720$fa05a8c0@TIMRUIZ>, "Tim Ruiz" writes:

> I think a call before the NC meeting is an excellent suggestion.  What
> do people think of tomorrow at our daylight-savings adjusted usual time
> (1300 UTC / 1400 London / 0900 East Coast USA / 0600 West Coast USA /
> 2200 Tokyo)  If tomorrow doesn't work, Wednesday?

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