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RE: [nc-deletes] NSI's Comment on Deletions

Title: RE: [nc-deletes] NSI's Comment on Deletions

I can't make Monday or Tuesday at 2pm London time.  I could make the rest of next week though.


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Tim Ruiz wrote:

> I spoke with Brian yesterday before he submitted the comments.
> I understood him to be concerned that enforcing the deletion of the
> or a registry auto-delete, would be the greater of two evils.

> By not requiring deletion, there is the potential that registrars may
> or warehouse domains. But there are already provisions in the RAA to
> that, if they are just enforced.

> By requiring the deletion, there is the potential that registrants
could lose
> their domains unintentionally, or at least be required to pay the high
> redemption fees to get it back.

This wasn't clear to me from the comments.  In fact, it's completely unclear to me exactly which portion of the "uniform deletion practice" he is referring to.  It seems that he is objecting to the entire concept of requiring that names be deleted without a renewal, which is unsurprising considering that NSI has historically had one of the largest stockpiles of unrenewed yet undeleted names.

> This also seems to be part of what Marcia Wells is getting to in her

Is it?  It seems to me a lot of her arguments indicate that names should get deleted *faster*.

> BTW, when do we meet again?

Now that the comment period is closed, we should do so soon. Unfortunately, I already have calls scheduled at our usual time throughout the rest of the week.  How about Monday?


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