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[icann-nominations] Carl Bildt - Nomination of Carl Bildt for Election to the ICANN Board


Apologies for the typo.  The name is CARL BILDT.


1. Full name:  Dennis Jennings
2. E-mail address:  Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie
3. Organization you work for (if apply):  n/a
4. Name of the person being nominated or supported:  Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt:

Carl Bildt is a major international statesman, especially well known in 
Europe and the US for his contributions to the peace negotiations in 
Yugoslavia.  He was the EU Special Representative and later High 
Representative in Bosnia from 1995 to 1997.  He now serves as Special Envoy 
to the Balkans for Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General.

He is a former Prime Minister, a Member of Parliament from 1979, and for 
many years a leading politician in Sweden.  As Prime Minister, he 
negotiated and signed the treaty on Sweden's membership of the European 
Union.  He has now retired from politics to concentrate of other issues.

He is particularly interested in technology, especially the Internet and 
electronic commerce, and in the impact of recent rapid technology 
development on global society.  He has spearheaded public efforts in 
Scandinavia to bring attention to the importance of the Internet and the 
impact on societies of information technologies.

Carl Bildt speaks a number of languages, and is highly regarded in Europe, 
the United States and around the world.