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[icann-nominations] Acceptance of nomination

1. Full name:

    Karl Auerbach

2. E-mail address:


3. Organization you work for (if apply):

    I work for Cisco Systems, Inc.  However, I do not speak for Cisco.
    My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of
    Cisco Systems, Inc.

4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country): 

    218 Carbonera Drive
    Santa Cruz, California  95060-1500

5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:

    (I am a United States citizen)
    North America

6. The region that includes the country in which you reside:

    (I reside in California, part of the United States.)
    North America

7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination:

    I accept the nomination to fill one of the DNSO seats on the
    ICANN board.

8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention (*)
   to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the ICANN Board:

   I am *not* a member of the Names Council.

9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):

   Karl Auerbach is presently a senior research and development engineer at
   Cisco Systems.

   He has been working on Internet infrastructure since 1973.

   He is an active member of the California State Bar and its section on
   Intellectual Property.

   Karl is a co-founder of the Boston Working Group.

   Karl's involvement with computers and networks began in 1968 at UCLA.

   In the 1970's, at System Development Corporation, he designed
   protocols for the Department of Defense.  These ideas were used in the
   original ARPAnet and in the design of TCP/IP.

   Karl founded Epilogue Technology Corporation in 1986 where he created
   one of the first commercial-grade SNMP engines.  That code is now the
   most widely deployed commercial implementation of SNMP.

   Empirical Tools and Technology Corporation, founded by Karl, in 1991
   focused on the development of active diagnostic tools for TCP/IP
   networks.  Empirical's products won several industry awards.

   At Sun Microsystems, Karl worked on nomadic computing (i.e. where the
   network user moves and his familiar work environment must follow

   In 1995, Karl was among the group that started Precept Software, later
   acquired by Cisco Systems.  At both companies, Karl has been a
   principal in the design and implementation of broadcast quality
   Internet audio/video systems using a number of advanced network
   capabilities, such as IP Multicast, RSVP/(QoS), and RTP/RTCP.

   Karl has participated in the design of many Internet standards, among
   which are SNMP, SNMPv2, MIB-I, MIB-II, CMOT, NetBios over TCP, RMON,
   RTP/RTCP, and RSVP.

   Karl was a principal in the 1993 TCP/IP bakeoff.  He continues his
   efforts to promote interoperability testing through his role on the
   technical advisory committee of InterWorking Labs.

   Karl has been a principal designer and builder of the networks for
   Networld+INTEROP, providing him with firsthand experience with the
   latest networking technologies and equipment.

   Karl's SNMP software was used in both versions of the original Internet

   Karl has also been an active in the IETF.  He has participated in
   several IETF working groups over the years and served as Co-Chair of
   the Poised Working Group for a year.

   For several years, Karl has been interested in the issues of
   self-healing networks.

   Karl's experience encompasses both the theoretical and practical
   sides of networking.  On one hand, he has designed and implemented
   multi-level secure systems using formal proof of correctness
   techniques, including the first operational B level secure operating
   system.  And he has prototyped nomadic computing using networks based
   on cellular technologies and low earth orbit satellite technologies.
   On the other hand, he has designed, engineered, debugged, and
   maintained several commercial networks for organizations ranging from
   banks to trade shows.

   Karl is a frequent speaker at networking events, and has authored
   several papers on various aspects of networking.

   Karl obtained his BA from the University of California, Berkeley in
   1972.  He earned his a J.D. cum laude, in 1978 from Loyola-Marymount
   of Los Angeles.

   Karl is also an active backstage theatre techie with a professional
   theatre company and he is helping to restore a 1923 mainline steam

10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or the reason why
    you consider you should be elected to serve in the ICANN Board
    (no more than 500 words):

    I will promote fair, open, transparent, and accountable governance
    of the Internet.

    I will push for ICANN to operate with sensible budgeting, cost controls,
    and other business procedures.

    I will push for ICANN to adopt truely open, transparent, and
    accountable processes.

    I will give high priority to the creation of an working At-Large

    I will be continue to be involved in discussions and debates so that
    I am fully informed on the issues; I will not hide behind a
    communications barrier.