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[icann-nominations] Nomination of Jonathan Cohen

Template for nomination:
1a. Full name of the nominee: Jonathan Cohen
1b. E-mail address of the nominee: jcohen@shapirocohen.com
2a. Full name of the nominator: Jordyn A. Buchanan
2b. E-mail address of the nominator: jbuchanan@registrypro.com

Description of how candidate meets the selection criteria:

Having served on the ICANN Board for the past three and a half years, 
Jonathan has a strong familiarity with ICANN's mission.  Further, he 
has followed constituency mailing lists and attended to attend 
constituency meetings in order to remain aware of the concerns of 
various constituencies and to monitor the effect of ICANN's decisions 
on members of the Internet community.  In addition, previously served 
as a Names Council representative for the IPC, and served for two years 
on the Board of Directors of CIRA, the corporation created by the 
Canadian government to manage Canada's top level domain, .ca.

In addition to his involvement with ICANN, Jonathan has been the Senior 
Managing Partner of his law firm since 1984, and has almost twenty 
years' experience chairing meetings, working with committees and 
organizing educated professionals in defining and reaching goals.  His 
legal and business background complement his understanding of 
ICANN-related issues.

Although Jonathan is from North America, he has an understanding of the 
importance of diversity within ICANN's role, and two years ago 
addressed the Council of Foreign Relations about the ICANN experience 
and "what it's like to be a non-U.S. director".  In addition to 
English, Jonathan speaks fluent French and has formal education in both 
German and Japanese.  He has traveled to 60 countries on the 6 unfrozen 
Continents (but he lives in Canada, so I'm sure he knows what 
Antarctica looks like!)

I'm sure most members of the constituency are familiar with Jonathan 
and his fine work on the board.  I encourage you to review Jonathan's 
long participation in ICANN while reviewing each of the candidates.

Election of the ICANN Board Director by the GNSO

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