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[icann-nominations] Re: Nomination: ICANN Board director

1. Full name of the nominee: Vivek Durai
2. E-mail address of the nominee: vivek@vivekdurai.com
3. Organization you work for (if apply): Not applicable
4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country):
12, Mukti Enclave, Manapakkam, Chennai, INDIA 600116       
5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:
6. The region that includes the country in which you reside:
7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination:
I accept my nomination by Richard Henderson.
8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention
to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the
ICANN Board:
Not Applicable
9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):
Vivek Durai is a lawyer licensed to practice in India. His area of
professional expertise is advising companies on telecom and
broadcasting regulation, digital signature certification, software
development, hi-tech patenting, etc. This includes drafting,
negotiating and finalizing a variety of technology contracts as well
as providing advice on regulatory matters, particularly in the field
of telecommunications.  

He has written on high technology legal issues for newspapers such as
the Economic Times and the Hindu Businessline.  His current area of
research is the regulatory framework necessary for convergence in

Vivek is an advocate on the rolls of the Bar Council of Maharashtra
and Goa. His services are presently retained exclusively by Reliance
Infocom, one of India's largest telecom service providers. Till
recently, he worked with the law firm of Kochhar & Co. Prior to that,
Vivek worked with Nishith Desai Associates as part of their
Information, Communication and Entertainment Group.  

Vivek Durai is an alumni of the National Law School of India
University, Bangalore, India and holds an Honours degree in Arts and
Law from the University. 

10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or
the reason why you consider you should be elected to serve
in the ICANN Board (no more than 500 words):

I represent consituencies that are yet to be recognised as legitimate
interest groups or do not have voices powerful enough to influence
decision making at apex bodies like the ICANN Board. I believe the
Indian sub-continent, one of the most exciting places to be in the
arena of communications development, is wholly under-represented in
fora of consequence. I believe non-technical professionals with an
interest in this field have the potential to provide significant
contributions to the evolution of the Internet.

I am committed to the healthy & equitable use of technology, and
regard the achievement of this end as one of the biggest challenges of
this century. I believe the divisive nature of organisational
politics, with specific reference to Internet governance, arises
because of a lack of vision of what the future holds. The future holds
enough for all of us. Let us not prevent that from happening. 

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Election of the ICANN Board Director by the DNSO

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