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[gtld-com] Suggestions regarding the gtld report

Hello All,
I have been following the recent discussions on the gtld and council list, and also received input from others.
I think that the council needs to be careful that we distinguish between providing simple advice in direct response to the question from the ICANN Board, and also indicate areas where policy development should be undertaken.
My view is that the answer to the advice is:
"It was agreed that a future expansion should take place in such a way that was demand-driven and bottom-up and in a way that increased competition while avoiding net user confusion and deception".
The GNSO council could then recommend that a policy development process be initiated to determine a set of objective criteria using as input some of the "example criteria" considered by the committee.
I have made some edits to the gtld committee report to convey that sense and avoid use of "recommended" and "must" with regard to the preliminary work completed.
Note there are a few places where we seem to be merging a bottom up view (allow applicants to propose names) with a top down view (select names that have most demand or add the most value to the DNS).
I should note a conflict of interest in that my employer, Melbourne IT (a domain name registrar), owns 10% of Neulevel that operates the .biz registry.
My response is from the point of view of a registrar, and I believe is consistent with the registrar position paper.
Bruce Tonkin
Melbourne IT
Registrars rep on the GNSO council

gTLDS committee suggested changes.doc

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