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[gtld-com] Regarding seeking public comment on the committee's draft

Hello Milton,

> Final point. 
> I believe that the Committee badly needs to solicit
> wider comment and discussion of the report. There is
> a lot of expertise on this question out there not
> represented on the Council, which is a very select
> group. I am especially concerned about representation
> of the views of Asian and other non-Western script
> users, which aside from Chun of NCUC are entirely
> unrepresented here. 
> When will a draft be posted for public comment
> and how will comments be received and incorporated?

From a procedural point of view the ICANN Board has asked for "advice" from the Council on the issue of structuring the gtld namespace.

The Board has not initiated policy development under the new policy development process.
The formal policy development process incorporates public comment processes.

As such, there is no documented standard process that we are following.

The Council decided in its January teleconference (see item 7 of 
http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20030116.GNSOteleconf-minutes.html) to consider the issue at the council level and seek input from the GNSO constituencies.  The resolution was:
"A committee of the GNSO Council will be formed to address the question that Stuart Lynn has asked on the generic top level name space. This committee will be chaired by Philip Sheppard who will prepare a timeline to respond to the question, put forward by Stuart Lynn, to the Board. "

The chair of the gtld committee proposed the following timeline:

You will note that a public comment period was not incorporated into the process.

At the council meeting this week under agenda item 9, it may be appropriate for the council  to consider putting the current draft of the committee's "advice" out for comment, before the GNSO council formally ratifies the committee's advice in the 22 May 2003 meeting of the GNSO Council.

Bruce Tonkin

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