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Re: [ga] DNSO Expenses

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Karl Auerbach wrote:

> Let's also make sure that the monetary contribution we seek from
> participants in proportional to their ability to meaningfully participate.

Are you sure this is what you mean to say? Making one's ability to
"meaningfully participate" (presumably directly, not inverseley)
proportional to their monetary contribution seems a recipe for "big money"

In my idealist fantasy world, "participation" would be proportional to the
percentage of one's resources one commits to involvement :-) Thus, if I
have twenty bucks to my name, but I send it all in as my dues, I ought to
get more pull than Microsoft, who only sends in $250,000 (I'm committing
100% of my liquid assets, they're comitting a small fraction).

But it isn't such a world, so I'll settle for something that isn't so
nakedly "power proportional to money". (Knowing you, though, Karl, I'm
guessing this isn't what you meant to suggest).

BTW: Can someone lend a pointer to a succinct listing of the
"7 constituencies" I've heard about?


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