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[ga] Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles on November 2

we have a few choices regarding General Assembly schedule on November 2
Tuesday in Los Angeles, and i would like to see consensus at General Assembly
on the schedule soon.  the meeting is only one month away, and people need
4 week advance notice. 
The choices could include;

1. Full day General Assembly
2. Working Group and Committee meetings in the morning and General Assembly in
   the afternoon.
3. Half day General Assembly in the afternoon.

i would like to recommend the second option, which give time slot for various
WGs and Committees.  Constituencies could meet on Monday or even Tuesday

hope the current General Assembly Chair to coordinate the meeting schedule as
well as the General Assembly agenda with DNSO Secretariat preferrably 4
weeks in advance.  hope Names Council to discuss on this matter at the next
teleconferencing, too.