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Re: [ga] [resend] STV voting method

Michael Froomkin wrote:
> Lest there be any doubt, I would defend in the strongest possible terms
> the participation of Dr. Porteneuve in any and every capacity, whatever
> her views, and for whomever she speaks.

Really? And do you defend her use of the DNSO website for CORE
propaganda, as she has done with the trumped-up, phoney links page?
Do you defend her installation as controller of the DNSO website, a
CORE member, put in charge by CORE officers? Do you defend the
manipulation and takeover of the DNSO and its Names Council by CORE?
Do you defend the arrogation of the NewCo to CORE and its partner
ISOC? Do you defend the accreditation of fifty CORE registrars in
the testbed? Do you defend the installation of an unelected ICANN
board to carry out their agenda by CORE and ISOC and the INTA? Do
you defend the takeover of the Internet by CORE and ISOC?

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