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RE: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats

Bret wrote:
> Don't know where you heard this, but I listened to this 
> morning's webcast 
> (thanks again, Berkman Center) and heard:
> The NC decided that a nomination period for the DNSO's 3 ICANN Board 
> seats would open on September 17th and close on October 8th. Nominees 
> will need the support of at least 10 members of the GA. For 
> nomination 
> purposes, a member of the GA is deemed to be anyone who is a 
> member of a 
> constituency or who has subscribed to either the DNSO's GA list or 
> ANNOUNCE list.

I am just puzzled on how we are going to "verify" that somebody is a member
of a constituency.
Wouldn't it be much simpler if the members of the constituencies joined at
least the GA-announce list?
Also, I can understand that somebody may be willing to avoid receiving the
traffic (and noise) of a public list like the GA, but I don't think that
somebody that is not even subscribed to the GA-announce is showing great
interest in the DNSO (personal feeling only, of course).