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Re: Re[6]: [IDNO-DISCUSS] RE: [ga] BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support(fwd)

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, William X. Walsh wrote:

> Now you tell lies.  I attempted to call you ONCE about the unlawful
> framed link of my website.  I do NOT email you constantly, I emailed
> ONCE about the removal, other than that I responded only to your
> emails.  So do not spread any more lies and misinformation.

My appology, your correct - I check and it was only once.  Many emails but
your right, only one call.

And uncle walter thinks you sound pretty hot when your bothered.

> Actually, I succeeded.  Quite nicely.  The only time it fails is if
> someone goes directly to that page, but I have a java programmer
> working on that.  Since visitors to that page start at another page,
> it works quite nicely for most instances.

well we looked at it, and the cgi is just passing the visitors to your
main page.  We were expecting some sort of PCCF protest message or
something silly like that as per your threats.  Were still waiting for
your lawyers as promissed.

> Great.  Too bad you were reasonable enough to remove a framed link.
> This was a reasonable request, with a strong basis.  You are the one
> who chose to make it an issue.  Not me.  I merely asserted my right to
> not have you framing my pages inside of your website, as a direct
> result of the fact that I do not want my site to appear in any way to
> be affiliated with your organization and its activities.

Why bother.  The page has been dead for awhile.  If you had been a nice
boy and approached us with nice boy attitude we would of listened to you.
But you did the drag dance for Baptista and he don't have the time for
that.  Who does?

> I am not the one misbehaving.

Yes you are, you spend alot of time picking fights.  Some people are into
gentle strokes, others S&M.  You get pleasure from fighting. Any way you
look at it, it's nothing more then another version of weird sex.

And we don't really want to play with you.  You get the sand box all to

> You only show your inability to participate in reasonable discourse by
> these actions, by all means, please continue to do so, you only make
> my case for moderation stronger.

I would really like to see an ICANN/DNSO moderator ban a well behavied
drag queen.  Have you any idea how many gay activists would come running
swinging purses ready to claim blood.

I don't think anyone should venture in the area of discriminating on
sexual and transgender issues.  There's contraversy enought in the dns.

Jeff Mason

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           mason@pccf.net 
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           1 (212) 894-3704 ext. 1033