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Re: [ga] Clarification: "Ad Hoc Group"

Planet Communications Computing Facility skrev:

> That concerns me.  Any time telecom operators get together to study
> anything, it guranteed to be incresed rates.
> I would be very interested in being kept informed on this.

This is how it is presented:

Formation of Ad Hoc Group 
"RESOLVED [99.__] that the Interim President and CEO, working with
Kraaijenbrink, is directed to establish an ad hoc group to be charged
developing the objectives and proposing structures for future policies
the area of numbering, especially as required to meet global market
and taking into account the convergence of information technology
and networks. The group will include representatives of businesses, 
including telecom operators and Internet service providers and trade 
organizations, the ASO Council, the ICANN Board, and other legitimately 
interested parties. The group will present an interim report before the 
second ICANN public meeting in 2000. A final report from the ad hoc
will be presented to the ICANN Board prior to the Annual Meeting in