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Re: [ga] The NCDNHC: Is their membership valid?

Randy Bush wrote:
> what they have, which no other
> constituency has, is a starting tradition of challenging the legitimacy
> of members.

Yes, applicants for membership in the NCDNHC are being challenged,
but by those who themselves have no right to be in it. The NCDNHC
was captured, with the help of the ICANN board, by ISOC and other
organizations who have no legitimate claim to being non-commercial
domain name holders. Naturally they are trying to exclude others.
That's what illegitimate entities always do, in an attempt to
justify themselves, just as Javier Sola has accused the ICIIU and
other entites of illegitimacy as a smokescreen to hide his lack of
credentials, as the head of the fictitious CORE-front EIBA.

The NCDNHC was given by the ICANN board to ISOC, an organization
whose founding members include Microsoft, AOL, IBM, AT&T, MCI, RAND,
Siemens, J.P. Morgan, Dun & Bradstreet, Time Warner, Deutsche
Telecom, and Charles Schwab. Are these "non-commercial domain name

Randy Bush has joined his friends in ISOC, and together they are
pretending to "screen" applicants to the constituency. But are they
screening them to make certain they are genuine non-commercial
domain name holders, or to make sure they won't oppose ISOC's
big-business positions on policy? 

Reality check.

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