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Re: [ga] PROTEST STATEMENT Re: they need hats - a statement. (safe to ignore)

> On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > I dont' understand - were not accountable to the public, therefore any
> > > judgement of our actions is of no significance.
> > 
> > <plonk!>
> You have to fresh me on <plonk!>.  I don't have children - so i'm left at
> a disadvantage.  What is it you mean by <plonk!>.
> Regards
> Jeff Mason

Generally "<plonk!>" is translated as "I think you are stupid beyond words,
reading you is a complete waste of time and you have just made it into my
email kill-file, which will save me from wasting further time with you", but
it's a bit more polite in so far as it is rather a personal statement as to
ones feelings of the other, without actually insulting him too much, while
at the same time informing him that he needn't reply, because his message
will go to /dev/null.

Having children may help understand the statement, but to get there you have
to manage to get past the stage of being "<plonk!>-ed" by the member of the
opposite sex with whom you wish to have children.

It could also mean that he does not wish to have children with you.