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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Chair

On 6 August 1999, Amadeu Abril i Abril <Amadeu@nominalia.com> wrote:

>Mark C. Langston wrote:
>> [...snip!...]
>> >
>> >Any other violations of the bylaws you can think of? As our mailing list is
>> >public and so are our meetings, they should be easy to spot.
>> You mean, something like:  No DNSO Working Group has yet to meet the
>> requirement of ICANN bylaws that every WG be comprised of at least one
>> nominated representative from each constituency?
>WG A comprised members form each and every consituency (many of them,
>in fact) except for the gTLD Consituency. Their choice, btw. They had
>not complained abut it (how could ehty?) they have comented the
>drafts, they have taken part in the vote and htey have submitted
>comnets and partially dissenting opinions.

Were any of those members actually there at the behest of their
respective constituencies, officially representing the will of the
constituencies?  Was there one such individual from each 

If not, then I reassert, WG-A did not comply with the ICANN bylaw that
requires one such person from every constituency.  For reference, I'll
quote the relevant bylaw again:

  Section 2:  THE NAMES COUNCIL 

  (b) The NC is responsible for the management of the consensus building
  process of the DNSO.  It shall adopt such procedures and policies as
  it sees fit to carry out that responsibility, including the
  designation of such research or drafting committees, working groups
  and other bodies of the GA as it determines are appropriate to carry
  out the substantive work of the DNSO.  Such bodies shall include at
  least one representative nominated by each recognized Constituency,
  and shall provide appropriate means, as determined by the NC, for
  input and such participation as is practicable under the circumstances
  by other interested parties.  

  [...snip rest of bylaw for brevity...]
"At least one representative" meaning one or more people who *represent*
(i.e., speak for) the constituency.

"nominated by" meaning not self-appointed, but chosen by the constituency.

"each recognized constituency" meaning from the ccTLD, commercial/business,
gTLD, ISP, registrar, and TM/IP constituencies.

Even if someone somehow managed to find people meeting all those criteria
from the other constituencies, there was no one there from the gTLD 
constituency, by your own admission.

The bylaw does not state, "except for those who don't feel like 

>All rahter regular, nearly boring.
>Oh, God, how difficlut must be spending the summer hunting for

Oh, $DEITY, how tedious it must be to abide by the rules and regulations
of this body only when it suits one's own best interests.

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