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[ga] Re: [wg-c] Vote for Working Group Co-chair

I also vote for Eva.

Nigel Roberts, .GG (Guernsey)

Peter de Blanc wrote:

> I vote for Eva Frolich
> Peter de Blanc .VI
> At 12:52 AM 7/26/99 +0200, Javier wrote:
> If you wish to vote for a co-chair for Working group C, please put an X in
> front of one of the two names below and answer to this mail with a Reply to
> All before midnight EST Wednesday July 28th.
> I vote for:
> [ ] Kent Crispin
> [ ] Jonathan Weinberger
>   ---------------
> <paste>
> [X] Eva Frvlich
> I vote for neither of Javier's two posted candidates. I believe Eva
> Frvlich, who was nominated within the scheduled time period, is a valid
> candidate for co-chair of Work Group C and we should be allowed to vote for
> her.
> My vote is cast for the "write-in" candidate, Eva Frvlich