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Re: [ga] webcasting for DNSO/Santiago Meeting

On 19 July 1999, Theresa Swinehart <Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com> wrote:

>DNSO members --
>In the process of starting to try to organize the DNSO meetings in Santiago
>there is the issue of costs, and how to cover expenses for meeting rooms and
>equipment, and for webcasting if sought. If the Santiago DNSO meetings are
>webcast live, substantial additional expenses will be incurred (est. US$
>5,000), which at this point the DNSO cannot cover. Working along the premise
>of past meetings, participants arrange to pay their own expenses to attend
>meetings of course; costs of using rooms, equipment for
>meeting/communication onsite have been covered by a meeting/participation
>cost (approx. $ 50.-). If the DNSO wants to have all the DNSO meetings
>webcast in Santiago, the webcasting expenses will need to somehow be
>Therefore, in order to live webcast the Santiago DNSO meetings -- that is,
>to have the ability to broadcast the meeting online and receive e-mail
>comments simultaneously to the meeting -- a method of financing it will need
>to be reached before any sort of commitment can be made to provide it. This
>note is to let those who use the webcasting facilities, and would like to
>see it available for all the DNSO meetings in Santiago, know that a solution
>for financing it needs to be found. The timing is important, as in order to
>have the mechanism provided for the ICANN meetings also used for the DNSO
>meetings a commitment needs to be made whether or not it will be needed.

Sure thing.  Have the CEO of ICANN forego a percentage of his US$18,000
this month.  That should more than cover it, and still keep within your
US Government mandate that all proceedings be open.

That, or ask Joe Sims to cough up the amount.  It should be paltry
compared to the >$500k his firm has billed to date.

The DNSO, as an arm of ICANN, has no right whatsoever to ask those
least able to pay to shoulder their openness burden to cover this
cost when they've spent themselves into a corner.

I have no sympathy.  There is a mandate that this meeting is open.
Meet it, and don't look to those of us who can't afford a subsidized
ski junket to cover it.

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