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RE: [ga] UDRP dead? Is the dot-biz registry typosquatting on AT&T's trademarks?

> > As reported on ICANNWatch, the dot-biz registry is redirecting ALL
> > unregistered domains to money-making webpages 
> (pay-per-click, powered
> > by Looksmart).
> It is outrageous but do note that Verisign GRS started the trend with
> the answer to non-existing Unicode domain names in '.com' and
> '.net'. ICANN did nothing
> <URL:http://www.iab.org/Documents/icann-vgrs-response.html> so other
> registries step in.

Just to set the record straight: VeriSign did not start the trend.  There
are at least 11 TLDs (.cc, .cx, .io, .mp, .museum, .nu, .ph, .td, .tk, .tv,
and .ws) that have been using DNS wildcards for quite some time to offer
either domain registration services or to provide web navigation assistance.
.museum's service is even documented in their agreement with ICANN:


Scott Hollenbeck
VeriSign Naming and Directory Services
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