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[ga] To the ALAC members

Dear ALAC members (who still don't have your e-mail contact addresses posted 
on the ALAC website),

I have some questions regarding the following message I received from Denise 

The ALAC is instituting a publicly archived forum.  If you would like your
comments to be posted on the ALAC's website, please re-send them to
<forum@alac.icann.org>.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate
your patience as the ALAC works with ICANN to make its website, forum, and
other communication mechanisms fully operational.

Denise Michel

1.  What is the URL for the forum?  -- it doesn't seem to be published 
2.  By the way, your website states:  "Welcome to the ALAC Public Comment 
Forum. This page is under construction, but will be operational after the 
ICANN meeting in Rio de Janeiro, March 23-27 2003."  It's already been a 
month since Rio, is this the type of performance we can continue to expect 
from your group?
3.  Can you explain why should I have to re-submit my comments to another 
address?  I already know that Denise received them, didn't you receive them? 
4.  Will comments (present and future) sent to alac-comments@icann.org not be 
archived?  Is this supposed to be a mailbox for non-open and non-transparent 
communications?  If not, what is the URL for the alac-comments archive?  I 
would assume this to be an address different from that of the unknown forum 
5.  As the comment period is now over, how many comments did you receive 
pertaining to the criteria for At-Large structures and RALOs?  Who in the 
community (if any) expressed support for your initiative?  What is your 
assessment of the overall response?  

Thanks for looking into this,

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