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[ga] FYI: Future of .su

Dear all,

It seems ICANN has to deal with the former Soviet Union's
.su ccTLD -- it's no longer on the ISO 3166-1 list
(http://shorl.com/bustypugyleju), but it's on the list of 
"reserved code elements" since September 1992.
(http://www.ccc.de/~andy/ICANN/iso3166-res.pdf - 632 kB)

 From a Wired News article :
> (...)
>When ICANN spokesman Herbert Vitzthum announced at the Moscow conference 
>in late September that dot-su would be revoked, the situation got stickier.
>While it was reported in some Russian media outlets that it was an 
>unofficial -- and therefore unbinding -- statement, Vizthum made it clear 
>at the time that ICANN's position would not change.
>Later, however, Vitzthum denied making any official statement. And Mary 
>Hewitt, ICANN's director of communications, wrote that the future of 
>dot-su as a top-level domain is still under consideration.
>Those involved await a decision on dot-su's fate, which will likely 
>be announced at the ICANN meeting in Shanghai at the end of October.

("Russia May Say 'See Ya' to Dot-Su", 

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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