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[ga] Your latest rant

Your "cultural bias," as best I can tell, is to try to get your 15 minutes
of fame by becoming the Cassandra of ICANN, apparently hoping to rescue an
otherwise unimpressive career by finding a niche where you can be perceived
as the expert.  And I have to admit that you have been pretty successful at
that goal -- at least in the sense that you do get lots of attention, and
invitations to testify, and calls from reporters.  Is it exciting?  Of
course, there is one little thing:  it does not appear that your constant
criticism has much impact, on anything.  Maybe that is because there are
lots of other people, many of whom are also critical of some aspects of
ICANN, who instead of just posting rants on the GA list and exercising
their ego to run a webpage, actually dig in and work at trying to make
ICANN more effective; those people do make progress in trying to shape
ICANN more to their liking, because they invest the elbow grease it takes
to get that done.  Of course, you sneer at these folks as "collaborators,"
but the real sneers here from serious people are reserved for folks like
you, who have no skin in the game, no willingness to invest even a little
positive effort, and who insist that their positions are written on tablets
and not subject to compromise.  Junk like the stuff you post is exactly the
reason why more people do not participate in this or other similar forums,
because it is a waste of time.  Of course, perhaps the worst thing from
your point would be to actually succeed, since there would no longer be an
excuse to pontificate on such weighty issues.  An advance warning: I am not
going to engage in a continuing debate with you or your fellow travelers on
this point, so fire away all you want; you won't get a response.  But your
attack on Jon, who actually went to the (apparently useless) trouble to try
to engage in a dialogue, has left me with an irresistable compulsion to
point out that, despite all the noise generated by Froomkin Inc., there is
no "there" there.  Have a good day.

Joe Sims
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