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[ga] FYI: Proposed changes in .name Whois


.name Whois Proposal
(save as .pdf file, 140 kB)


  In the time that the .name registry has been operating, several problems 
  related to the public availability  of Whois data have come to light. 
   1. Although name and e-mail address in the registrant information fields 
      is suppressed, technical, administrative, and billing contact 
      information continues to be required. This makes sense where the 
      registrant is a large corporation, but in a top level domain designed 
      for individual use, the practical result is that protected registrant 
      information is publicly available as technical, administrative, and 
      billing contact information.
   2. Corporate entities with whom Global Name Registry is negotiating 
      long-term partnerships related to the creation of secure consumer 
      digital identities or conversion of existing e-mail users are 
      concerned about the personal safety of their consumers.

  This proposal incorporates certain solutions, taking into account the 
  various suggestions made by the groups consulted with. The objective  
  of Global Name Registry, in proposing changes to its Whois Specification, 
  is to create a readily available and administratively simple process 
  where legitimate Whois requestors can gain access to the Whois database, 
  while creating obstacles designed to deter those who would use Whois data 
  for marketing and other inappropriate purposes.

1. Public Whois. [...]

2. Password Protected Detailed and Extensive Whois [...]

3. Messenger Service [...]


Found via Thomas Roessler's http://log.does-not-exist.org/

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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