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[ga] Snapnames patent applications published

The long-touted Snapnames patent applications are now available online at

United States Patent Application 20020091827
Kind Code  A1
King, Raymond ;   et al.  July 11, 2002

Domain name acquisition and management system and method

Inventors: King, Raymond; (Portland, OR) ; Wiener, Ron; (Portland, OR) ;
Bayles, Len Albert; (Salt Lake City, UT)

Serial No.:  016497
Series Code:  10
Filed:  November 1, 2001

This application is a continuation of and claims priority from U.S.
Provisional Patent Application No. 60/245,102, filed Nov. 1, 2000, and U.S.
Provisional Patent Application No. 60/248,341, filed Nov. 13, 2000.

1. A method for effectuating a succeeding registration of a domain name for
an interested entity following the expiration of a prior registration of the
domain name, the method comprising the steps of: receiving from an interested
entity a request identifying a domain name having a registered status; and
automatically: determining an expiration date for the status; defining a time
period for checking the status based on the expiration date; periodically
checking the status at a predefined frequency within the time period; and
when the status indicates that the domain name is registrable, requesting
registration of the domain name for the interested entity.


United States Patent Application 20020091703
Kind Code  A1
Bayles, Len Albert  July 11, 2002

Registry-integrated internet domain name acquisition system

Serial No.:  016498
Series Code:  10
Filed:  November 1, 2001

1. A domain name registry system comprising: a registry database containing a
current registration record for a domain name, the current registration
record having an expiration date; a registry management system, having access
to the registry database, to delete the current registration record after the
expiration date, to issue a public delete notification, and to add a new
registration record for a first requesting registrar; an acquisition database
containing an acquisition request from a specific registrar to acquire the
domain name as soon as practicable following the expiration date and
preceding the public delete notification; and an acquisition engine to
receive from the registry management system a pending delete notification,
the pending delete notification preceding the public delete notification, to
access the acquisition request from the acquisition database, and to request
the registry management system to add the new registration for the specific

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