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Re: [ga] OECD vs ICANN, re: WHOIS accuracy

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Kent Crispin wrote:

> This is circular reasoning.  The main reason for lack of effectiveness of
> DNS whois in finding problems is *precisely* that DNS whois is not
> maintained very well, and is very easy to fake.  This is exactly the
> question at issue.  *If* DNS whois were accurate, then it would be a
> highly effective way to reach the problem source.

It would also be a great marketing tool if the whois was completely
accurate. My whois interies are correct and I pay the price, over 200
spam/uce get throu my filters eaver day. thousans of messages are turned

Clean up the inappropiate use of whois data and maybe folks will register
properly. To day ICANN has not completed a single investigation into whois
abuse an/or abuse of TLD zone files, used to walk the whois.

It is a completely valid reaction to use inaccurate information in a whois
entry to avoid spam/uce and other marketing liturature, I get at lease on
peace of junk mail per day sent to addresses listed in a whois database.

If we want these systems fixed we need to understand the social reasons
that folks register inaccurate information, Occam's Razor comes to


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