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Re: [ga] Re: [voters] RESULTS: Vote on Two motions about ICANN Reform, May 2002

At 10:23 PM 23/05/02 -0700, William X Walsh wrote:

>Which alt.root group are you with, Gary?

I had the new.net plugin installed from their inception
until a few weeks ago on one machine as I was concerned
about its security and privacy implications. Packet
sniffing throughout that period showed that I had no
reason for concern, they were no more nor less than what
they claimed (though with the auto-update feature the
price of liberty is eternal vigilance). I've never
registered a new.net faux domain name, nor have I ever
had cause to visit one of their sites other than for
testing purposes.

I have used ORSC nameservers on various machines over
the past few years just for grins. I didn't have
security or privacy concerns in that case, I was just
curious if it worked as advertised. As near as I can
tell, it did. Again, I have registered no alt.root
sLDs or TLDs (other than once putting a vote in for
the creation of some NameSpace TLD that now escapes me),
nor have I ever had a reason to access one of those
ICP-3 verboten addresses other than for testing purposes.

Other than that, SFAIK I have had no contact with any
alt.roots. So I guess my most honest and accurate answer
to your question would be that I'm not particularily
*with* any alt.root group. My question to you in return
would be, what on earth (the one under our feet, not the
alt TLD) does this have to do with the vote results? -g

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