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Re: [ga] Re: Open Letter to Mr Jeff Neuman from The Internet Challenge

Is there really anyone on this list that is not certain that both of the 
below wrongs occured?  Write me I got some bridge in Brooklyn I would like 
you to invest in.

If Vint is this out of touch it is really scary.


> Richard,
> One question that bears on this process is whether any interested party
> did not experience fair opportunity to register a name. That's not
> quite what you were asking but it has relevance to assessing sunrise
> processes. The second question is whether any of the registrars were,
> effectively, trading on their own accounts (that is, not registering
> names they intended to use themselves or on behalf of customers but
> intended hold and sell at a later time). I don't know whether the
> current registrar agreements with ICANN treat the specifics of your
> questions below, but I will try to find out.
> vint
> At 01:20 AM 4/15/2002 +0100, Richard Henderson wrote:
>>Dear Jeff and Vint
>>I'd like to ask your advice on ICANN and Neulevel's policy with regard
>>to Registrars applying for names (particularly in queued Landrush
>>situations) on their own behalf. As you know, I have already alluded to
>>concerns I had over Signature Domains, and I look forward to some kind
>>of response - to the principles, if not to the personal details, of
>>this case.
>>I'd also like to draw to your attention - without making any
>>allegations - the case of 007names. In the recent .biz Group 2B names
>>release, 465 names were registered through them, with over half (258)
>>going to their client Vitty Inc.
>>These names were issued to Paul Chou, e-mail address domain@Vitty.com .
>>In the "About" section of Vitty.com there is more information about Mr
>>Chou. It notes that he founded a company called Webex.net (a registrar,
>>parent company of sinonet.com, no reference to vitty.com) with his
>>wife, Joyce Lin. Further whois searches found that the Admin, Billing
>>and Tech Contacts for 007names.com is Joyce Lin of Bridgewater, NJ.
>>007names.com is hosted by (surprise) webex.net on the same server as
>>vitty.com.  Webex.net of Bridgewater, NJ comes up as non-existent in
>>the WHOIS server release 1.0, but in version 1.3 they show that
>>007Names, Inc. is their registrar.
>>My questions are these: are registrars allowed to apply for names in
>>landrush situations through their own Registrar company? Are the
>>families of Registrars allowed to apply for - say - the majority of
>>names submitted in a queue? Do a husband and wife constitute a single
>>entity? Does a Registrar have the right to exploit the advantage of
>>their own position to dominate a queue, in a way which might
>>disadvantage many other people?
>>I'm not making a personal observation on the actions of Vitty Inc or
>>007names. I'm curious about the facts behind their dealings. But my
>>approach to you is in order to get clarification of the rules (which
>>obviously impact on other consumers). I would also respectfully ask you
>>to investigate this specific case if you feel that any rules have been
>>broken and your other customers have been disadvantaged in breach of
>>any agreements.
>>If no rules have been broken, then probably no personal criticism is
>>appropriate, but in that scenario I would call into question the
>>processes that have been set up between ICANN, the Registry and its
>>registrars, as there seem to me to be inadequate safeguards for the
>>majority of ordinary customers, and too much scope for what I would
>>describe as "insider dealing" in the distribution of what should be
>>made publicly available to everybody on fair and level terms.
>>Many thanks for your attention.
>>Richard Henderson
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