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RE: [ga] Help with research into domain reregistration - submit examples of unrelated reregistrations


> issue.  Maybe bicyclebills.com is a perfectly sensible domain for
> "Tina's
> Free Live Cam," and maybe Tina registered the domain "first" (before

I think from an ICANN policy point of view these matters are related

a) having a uniform deletions regulation (I think that's already a
topic under discussion?), and clearer transfers policies (some
registrants might knowingly let a registration lapse, thinking they can
then re-register the name elsewhere, instead of dealing with their
current registrar)

b) having correct registration data in the WHOIS (many registrants
can't be reached for renewal instructions, as their domains have bogus
contact email addresses such as no.valid.email@worldnic.com)

c) better education towards the end-user community (as a reseller of
registration services, I make sure to educate my own clients on the ins
and outs of the system, so that they can protect their domain assets)

My own view is that if there's no valid trademark involved, with an
interfering and bad-faith use, a domain registrant is free to use their
name any legal way they want -- that's free enterprise. For instance,
www.whitehouse.com is being used as an adult site, and some may not
like that, but there's no trademark involved there. Someone might put a
sign on an adult establishment calling it "The House of Fun", and
neighbours won't want their young kids to be exposed to the contents.
But, it would be a perfectly legal and legitimate sign and enterprise,
assuming the proprietors follow all the city regulations (e.g. require
IDs to enter, following zoneing laws, pay their taxes, etc.). Perhaps
"The House of Fun" might have been the address of a movie theatre in
the past that didn't pay their bills and went bankrupt...


George Kirikos

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